Recent events linked to the earthquake in Abruzzo have again warned arcitects, planners and building technicians about the importance of protecting the italian artistic and religious wonders.

How can be possible to defend and fix historical monuments, artistic and religious?
How to save our works of art and bring them back to worship and public fruition?
How to rediscover the symbolic, aestetic, spiritual and religious meaning of priceless works of art?

On these matters Paulus magazine arranged may 29 2009, friday, the meeting "S. Paulus, Church architect inbetween teology and tecnology", from 9.30 to 18.30 in San Paolo Society's center, Rome, Via Alessandro Severo.

Joining don Primo Gironi, Paulus Director, San Paolo Abbot p.Edmund Power, Cardinal Andrea Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo Arcipriest of S.Paolo Basilica out of the walls, artistic and historic Works Supervisor from Rome's Comune, professor Corrado Monaca President of the Azzurro enviromentalist association movement, industrial expert Raffaele Gulizia President of the European Association of technical building professions, Mons. Crispino Valenziano teacher at S.Anselmo's Papal University in Rome, experts and technicians from the main italian companies of the trade.

GM Sistemi designed and realized the promotional video of the event, allowing the meeting sponsors to be spotlighted in a multimedial space.