The company : algorithm of a passion

Started in 1995 following a long developed passion for informatic technologies and based on a technical know-how carefully gained by its founder Giuseppe Manganaro, GM Sistemi attained during the course of its long-lasting activity a vast and deep experience in planning, realization and development of professional informatic systems.

Along a well developed understanding of the functioning processes of company management and an acquired high professional level, GM Sistemi can today offer to its customers a full choice of products and services to cope with and solve the daily technical and management problems, making it possible to increase productivity in terms of speed and quality with low costs.

Thanks to a collaborative and faithfull relationship with its customers, always pursued when realizing and offering its services, GM Sistemi is as a matter of fact able to study specific solutions for the particular needs of small and medium enterprises, offering personalized hardware and software suites that can fit into general and more complex products.

The constant research and experimentation of up-to-date technological solutions, fueled by an always shining professional enquiry, are the base of GM Sistemi's engagement into planning and management of Internet websites, thought and developed with the clear goal in mind of the customer's complete satisfaction, a specific need of clear communication from each customer's website.

The guarantee of a precise technical assistance, fast and effective, completes the vast offer that GM Sistemi is able to offer, presenting the market a fluid and full professional reality with the ability to intervene every corner of the ever expanding reality of information systems.


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